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July 15, 2014


PureWest Lifestyle Video | Christie's International Real Estate

PureWest Properties shows how to use a video story to bring a home to life

PureWest Properties is a premier real estate concierge brokerage specializing in prestige properties in Montana. PureWest is a leader in maintaining an understanding of regional lifestyles and developments, and with the opportunity to showcase a beautiful home in Bozeman, MT, they wanted to do something special. Instead of just telling buyers about the property, PureWest wanted to show the story, personality, and lifestyle of the home.  With this video story, the home comes to life. Check out the lifestyle video of 7767 Bear Claw Lane:

The TernPro Video Series shows the stories of amazing people and organizations.  If you would like to create your own video story, please email us at hello@ternpro.com.

July 02, 2014


The Education Effect: Inspiring Youth Through Education and Leadership

Greg Wilson, Founder of The Education Effect, shares his vision to create opportunities for youth through education and leadership.

The Education Effect is a youth education program that focuses on on critical success factors that inspire youth to improve life skills, focus on their academic achievements; and, stimulate body, mind, and soul of all stakeholders involved.  The Education Effect works with students and their Champions surrounding five major areas: Academic Achievement, Leadership Development, Goal Setting, Health Equity, and Celebrating Success. TEE is based on the common belief that all things are possible through education and leadership. Check out Greg Wilson, Founder, telling the story of The Education Effect:

A Message from Founder Greg Wilson

It’s so simple!


Our community, and without a doubt our child’s life, is ruled by technology. Gone are the days where children played outside until the lights came on, or they actually “needed” to have The Talk and before we’d question our child’s mental state if we saw them playing with a toy plastic gun and cops & robbers.

The Education Effect is comprised of people that believe if we come together as one parent for every child, we can change the future. We don’t know everything and it’s impossible for working parents, or even a single parent household, to have all the answers when our children can get to information faster than they can say what the need.

Our idea is to give our children a Community Village Club that is safe, a resource and an avenue directly to the future of their dreams. By meeting them where they are, through technology, we can help each other out by sharing our time and knowledge and begin getting back to the days where we played until the street lights came on.

The core element of The Education Effect’s initiative is the ‘Personal Commitment Contract’ between a student, their champions and their future.

Remember — it’s so simple, we just need to come together.

All my best,

Greg Wilson


The Education Effect

The TernPro Video Series shows the stories of amazing people and organizations.  If you would like to create your own video story, please visit our video builder HERE, or email us at hello@ternpro.com.

June 26, 2014


An American Fan in Brazil: World Cup Edition

An American family documents their trip to Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup with a GoPro

USA! USA! USA! The Turner family captured their experiences attending the 2014 FIFA World Cup, showcasing a candid look into what its like for an American fan in Brazil. Check out the video:


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June 19, 2014

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Reid Pletcher Adventure Series Moab

Reid Pletcher boulders through Moab, Utah in Part 3 of the TernPro Adventure Series

This March, former NCAA Nordic Ski Champion Reid Pletcher decided to embark on an epic adventure around the globe.  Starting in Sochi, Russia as a Paralympic ski guide for his close friend Jake Adicoff, Reid rollerbladed 800 miles through Europe, bouldered in Moab, Utah, built igloos on top of the Rocky Mountains, and hiked through the jungles of Peru.  We asked Reid to take a GoPro camera along on his travels.  Here is Part 3 of the TernPro Adventure Series with Reid Pletcher in Moab:


From Reid:

After the epic adventures across Europe I settled into Siena Italy for 10-11 days with some old friends and took full advantage of not doing physical activity!  After awesome Italian adventures I set out on what would become my personal record for long global travel.  Bus to Rome, flight to Barcelona, 9 hour lay over, flight to Frankfurt, 12 hour flight to San Francisco, 5 hour lay over, 2 hour flight to Boise, taxi, 8 hour sleep in back of my truck, 3 hour drive home. . . .  I usually plan on 24 hours to get across the Atlantic but this trip took almost 50 hours.  Then I was officially done with my winter activities and had to change from Russia/Europe plans to Colorado/Peru plans.  And I had 12 hours at home to unpack, repack, and get back in the car.  This eventually got me to Moab, Utah (easily my favorite place in the world) to spend a couple days with college friends and let off some steam between the  ~12,000 miles of travel I had gotten myself into.  For the next 6 days we camped out Arches National Park and did some amazing hiking, mountain biking, canyoneering in the Fiery Furnace (6-7 hours getting lost in endless slot canyons), cliff jumping/swimming, and any other activity we could fit in.  It became all about open options, spring vacation, and trying to enjoy the Utah sun.  And it definitely helped that most of the people there were nordic skiers or cross country runners.  They will never sit still and they are way too productive!  A week in Moab was exactly what I needed to finally escape winter and get to Boulder Colorado for pre-Peru plans.


Check out Part 1 of the TernPro Adventure Series with Reid Pletcher HERE.

The TernPro Adventure Series shows the stories of amazing people living their adventures.  If you would like to create your own video story, please visit our video builder HERE, or email us at hello@ternpro.com

Reid Pletcher was born and raised in the small town of Sun Valley, Idaho, where he found his passion for conquering epic challenges. He learned to unicycle up mountains, juggle fire, crochet hats, play the guitar, complete a rubrics cube in under a minutes time, ice climb, kayak down class-V rapids, and telemark ski.  With his talent and drive, Reid became wildly successful in competitive sports.  In 2008 Pletcher became the youngest American male skier ever to qualify for a professional World Cup in Nordic Skiing. In 2011, he was the NCAA Champion in the 20-kilometer classic race.  Reid is currently traveling the world conquering life, and will be featured in the TernPro Adventure Series.

June 18, 2014

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How To Shoot Awesome Time Lapse Video

An Easy Guide To Understanding How Produce Your Own Time Lapse Video

Have you seen Breaking Bad?  What about the Planet Earth documentary series? Even if you haven’t seen either, I’m sure you know how beautiful and versatile time lapse imagery can be. After reading this blog post, you’ll realize how easy it is to plan and execute capturing time lapsed footage to incorporate into your own story.




What is a Time Lapse?

Because time lapse imagery is presented in video form, most people assume a time lapse video is just what it looks like - video taken over a long period of time, then sped up.  Capturing and working with video clip that's three hours long, however, is a processing nightmare that leaves us with thousands of unused frames.  Instead, time lapses takes still images automatically captured at predetermined intervals (like 0.5 secs, 1 sec, 3 secs, etc) and compiles them into what then looks like video.  It's sort of like a digital flip book animation that uses JPEGs instead of text book margins.

How you can use it

Time lapses are used to quickly communicate on screen action that takes a long time to capture in front of the camera.  While time lapses are associated with sunsets and rush hour traffic (or any combination of the two), they’re very useful when producing short form videos for online viewing.  Setting up and breaking down an event, traveling to a destination, preparing a meal from start to finish - all of these are great examples of when using time lapse is appropriate.

How to plan for capturing your time lapse

Regardless of what kind of timelapse you plan on shooting, you’ll always need these things:

  • A stable, steady mount like a tripod or guerilla clamp

  • A fully charged battery (an extra battery if you have one, also fully charged)

  • An intervalometer (if you’re not using a GoPro Camera or any camera that has a time lapse function)

Pretty easy right? You’ll need a steady mount, like a tripod, to keep the background still in order to highlight the action you want (which is the point of a time lapse).  As you head out to the location you want to shoot, think about the type of action you want to shoot and where the best place to capture the action is.  Keep in mind how much time you need to capture the action.  You’ll need more battery power (and memory!) to shoot the 3 hours it takes to build a sound stage from scratch then you will to shoot the 30 minutes of laying out a lunch buffet.  

How to compose your time lapse

Like with any type of shoot, arrive on location early to get familiar with the environment and envision the shot that you want.  Three things you should keep in mind when choosing how to frame your time lapse are:

  • Where is the action taking place?

  • Does the action move through the frame or is it happening in one location?

  • What’s going on on the edges of your frame?

Your main focus of course is your action and how to place it; you’ll want a different frame for a marathon running though a historic intersection than you would for a fast growing plant.  Think about interesting places to put the camera and take advantage of what’s unique about the type of action you want to capture when composing your frame.

Choosing the right settings for your time lapse

Finally it’s time to get down to the meat and potatoes: choosing the right time lapse interval for your camera.  You might think that there’s a lot of complicated math involving frame rates, source durations, destination durations, etc.  While there is math involved, and although it’s not that complicated, there’s still an even simpler way to figuring out how to choose up your camera’s time lapse interval.  

Shorter intervals yield smoother movements because the subject(s) move in smaller increments from frame to frame.  It follows, then, that when shooting faster action you’ll need relatively smaller increments to capture smooth movement.  Similarly, when shooting action comprised of slower movement (like shadows changing throughout the day), a longer interval is appropriate to avoid capturing unnecessary frames that will just take up space.  When choosing the appropriate time lapse interval, ask yourself:

  • How fast is the action?

  • How smooth do you want the movements to look?

Using an interval of 0.5 seconds to shoot a sunset is heavy handed and a sure way of running out of space before your action is finished - something between 5-10 seconds is more appropriate, depending on how fast the clouds are moving.  Likewise, you need an interval of 0.5-1 second to make your driving time lapse look smooth.


If you're working with a GoPro camera, simply go to Settings > Camera Settings > Time Lapse to select the interval you want.  If you’re not using a GoPro, refer to either your camera or intervalometer manual on how to set the interval you want.

June 11, 2014


OTR ADOPT 1702 Central Ave. Clean-up

The TernPro Video of the Week features OTR ADOPT restoring the neglected 1702 Central Parkway Building

OTR ADOPT is a non profit organization in Cincinnati dedicated to facilitating the transfer of vacant historic structures from neglectful owners to people and organizations that will invest in them. This is a video of the cleanout of 1702 Central Parkway produced by TernPro. It was filmed using GoPro cameras. OTR ADOPT would like to thank the Cincinnati Preservation Association, Cincinnati Preservation Collective, University of Cincinnati Preservation Action Network and the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation for making this possible.  Check out the video:

The TernPro Video of the Week highlights the experiences captured by the TernPro community. All videos feature the TernPro Team or businesses showing their stories through creative uses of theTernPro Video Packages. Email us athello@ternpro.com for a free video consultation to see how you can show your business's story with TernPro!
June 09, 2014


TernPro wins UBS Venture Catalyst Award

In partnership with Venture for America, TernPro was awarded a UBS Venture Catalyst Award at the VFA 2014 Summer Celebration

TernPro, a better way for businesses to generate video content, was awarded a UBS Venture Catalyst Award through the Venture for America Fellowship Program. Venture for America is a program for young, talented grads to spend 2 years in the trenches of a startup with the goal that they will become socialized and mobilized as entrepreneurs moving forward. VFA recruits the best and brightest recent college graduates, provides them with training and mentorship, and places them at partner startups to help build those organizations. In partnership with UBS, Venture for America presented the Venture Catalyst Awards to TernPro Co-founders Brian Bosche, Dan Bloom, and Brentt Baltimore at the VFA Summer Celebration. We are excited to accept the award and continue growing in Detroit! Check out the event recap video below:

TernPro is a better way for businesses to capture and create video content. If you are interested in finding out how TernPro can help your business with video content marketing, email us at hello@ternpro.com for a free consultation.

TernPro Wins UBS Venture Catalyst Award

Co-founder Brian Bosche speaks at Venture for America Summer Celebration

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