OTR ADOPT 1702 Central Ave. Clean-up

The TernPro Video of the Week features OTR ADOPT restoring the neglected 1702 Central Parkway Building

OTR ADOPT is a non profit organization in Cincinnati dedicated to facilitating the transfer of vacant historic structures from neglectful owners to people and organizations that will invest in them. This is a video of the cleanout of 1702 Central Parkway produced by TernPro. It was filmed using GoPro cameras. OTR ADOPT would like to thank the Cincinnati Preservation Association, Cincinnati Preservation Collective, University of Cincinnati Preservation Action Network and the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation for making this possible.  Check out the video:

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Brian Bosche
Brian Bosche


Brian Bosché is CEO and Co-founder of TernPro. He is a 2012 Venture for America Fellow and has worked with early stage businesses in Detroit as a part of the Leadership Team at Bizdom.

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