Why the Name TernPro?

The Arctic Tern is by no means the largest, the fastest, or even the smartest of birds. Nor is it the most well known. But the Arctic Tern does have one very important characteristic: Arctic Terns have the longest yearly migratory pattern of any animal in the world. Every year, Arctic Terns traverse 25,000 miles as they spend summers breeding in the North Pole, and winters molting in Antarctica. Arctic Terns see the majority of the world in its travels, and while we love the symbolism of world traveler, what we find most compelling is the can-do, never-say-die, bad-ass attitude that is wired into the DNA of these over-achieving birds. It would be easy to migrate from the Northeast to Florida, like geese, or grandma, but the Arctic Tern only knows, and seeks out the longest and the hardest migration available. 

We want to help the Arctic Terns of the world remember their adventures and experiences in a unique way. Whether you’re taking your first excursion or you live your life like an Arctic Tern, TernPro can help you capture the moments that you want to remember, and turn them into awesome videos (read: memories) that are easy to share and enjoy.

An average aged Arctic Tern will travel 1.5 million miles in its lifetime. Not too shabby for animals that weigh 4 ounces and don’t have opposable thumbs! We’re not saying that more miles equals more awesome, but we are saying, “Get out there!!!” And hey, while you’re at it, you might as well take a TernPro Bundle with you. When you get back we will make you an awesome video to help you remember your favorite moments.

Our work is inspired by the wanderlust of Arctic Terns, but our product is made for humans. 

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Dan Bloom
Dan Bloom


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