The Best GoPro Camera Mounts for Skiing

Wearable GoPro cameras are the best way to capture your adventures on the slopes, but most people only mount their camera on their helmet (which can lead to a lot of long, boring footage).  Good GoPro mounts provide you with a variety of angles that give you a unique perspective on every jump, turn, flip, or whatever else you can do on your skis.  Here are the best 3 ways to mount your GoPro camera to capture the best footage. 

Chesty Mount

The Chesty Mount is a harness worn around your torso, and the camera faces forward at chest level. Because the camera is mounted to the chest, your arms, poles, and skis can all be seen while you are skiing. This makes the viewer feel like they are fully immersed in the action.  Bonus: because your torso is steadier than the rest of your body, the footage is smooth and steady.


Pole Mount

The Pole Mount attaches to your ski pole, and the camera can either face forward, upward facing you, or backward facing behind you.  Try each angle to experiment with the different types of footage you can capture.  Because the camera is on your ski pole (that is moving in all directions), you can get great shots of yourself and everything going on around you. Bonus: you can hold the pole out away from you and get amazing footage of yourself with the mountain as your backdrop.  GoPro selfies!


Ski Mount

The Ski Mount attaches to your ski tip with a sticky mount, and the camera faces up at you.  Because the camera is at ground level, this mount option gives you a unique upward perspective as you glide down the slopes. Bonus: if there is a lot of powder, you can get some incredible footage of yourself through clouds of snow.

With these unique GoPro camera mount options, you can be sure that your ski adventure video will stand out from the boring, long, monotonous helmet mounted videos you see all the time.  Now go out and show the world your skills!

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Brian Bosche
Brian Bosche


Brian Bosché is CEO and Co-founder of TernPro. He is a 2012 Venture for America Fellow and has worked with early stage businesses in Detroit as a part of the Leadership Team at Bizdom.

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