TernPro Video of the Week: Community Building in Guatemala

Hundreds of community members and local corporate team members teamed up to construct a school in Guatemala!

One day, one school!  Most people think that GoPro cameras are only used for action sports, but in this week's video, they were used to capture the story of hundreds of community members and corporate team members constructing a school.  This project brought everyone together in a day of giving back to the community, and features a lot of hard work with some fun!  Check out the video:

 The TernPro Video of the Week highlights the adventures and experiences captured by the TernPro community.  All videos feature the TernPro Team or amateur videographers showing their stories through creative uses of the TernPro Video Packages.  Email us at hello@ternpro.com to create your own video and we will feature your adventure!

Brian Bosche
Brian Bosche


Brian Bosché is CEO and Co-founder of TernPro. He is a 2012 Venture for America Fellow and has worked with early stage businesses in Detroit as a part of the Leadership Team at Bizdom.

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