TernPro Supports GoBall on Kickstarter

TernPro supports the GoBall GoPro Mount on Kickstarter!

The mission of TernPro is to show the stories of organizations and adventurers through amazing video. This means finding new and better ways to capture footage from experiences.  The GoBall, the world's most compact GoPro handle, provides users a portable and easy way to capture all of the moments of their experiences.  TernPro is partnering with GoBall to help make this prototype a reality! Check out the video below, and support the GoBall on KickStarter.

The GoBall story from co-founder Chris Zahner:

Chris here, co-founder of the GoBall - the world's most compact GoPro handle.

The GoBall is an ergonomic handle that allows for extreme dexterity and portability.The roots of the concept inadvertently started in 2012. I wanted to bring my GoPro everywhere I went while I was traveling so I could capture as much film possible. I fashioned a small handle so I could keep it in my back pocket and I just kept recording.

A year and a half later, I still bring my GoPro everywhere, trying to capture all of life’s little nuances. I started to notice a theme. I was out there, mixing it up in other countries, doing cool things and shooting cool video. Every time I watched the footage I captured, I wanted to capture more and capture better. I wouldn't have been able to do it if I didn't always have my GoPro with me, continuously honing my craft; and I wouldn't not always be able to have my GoPro with me if I couldn't fit it in my pocket.The GoBall keeps the compact package of the GoPro minimal while providing a dexterous grip. Access to you camera allows for more filming; more filming leads to a better capture. As mobile photography and videography explodes due to increasingly inexpensive and accessible technology, the creative door has been opened to anyone with an idea and a camera. We've seen a trend emerge where companies and products, consumers and communities have encouraged everyone to become a participant and, in turn, the end result encourages and empowers others to do the same.TernPro is one of these companies and we are excited to be partnering with an interesting startup and concept that encourages people to grab their lives by the camera. We couldn't agree more.

TernPro backs GoBall on Kickstarter, pledge HERE to support or pre-order yours today!

 GoBall on Kickstarter

Brian Bosche
Brian Bosche


Brian Bosché is CEO and Co-founder of TernPro. He is a 2012 Venture for America Fellow and has worked with early stage businesses in Detroit as a part of the Leadership Team at Bizdom.

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