Our Story

A better way to make awesome videos.

TernPro was founded with an adventurous spirit and a crazy goal: to empower individuals and organizations to capture and share their stories and adventures in a unique way.

A collaboration of a few close friends, TernPro was created to show the amazing stories of people and organizations in an immersive, engaging way.  Wearable cameras and technology allows us to capture our trips, our adventures, even our lives with the click of a button. We care about capturing these experiences because we care about creating the most important stories people and organizations want to show the world.

Making videos is difficult. It takes time, energy, and money that most people and organizations don't have. TernPro provides the best and most appropriate camera gear, helps you capture the best footage, engages your friends or participants, and creates affordable videos to share with the world.  

Show, Don't Tell. TernPro. 

The TernPro Founding Team: Brian Bosche, Dan Bloom, Brentt Baltimore, Robby Melling, and Jared Inchiostro